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Amulet Excavator Thumbs For Most Machines

Machine operators all over the world use their excavators to dig everything from swimming pools to lakes, but what if you need something more? Sometimes in the line of duty it becomes necessary to pick up a rock, log, or other piece of debris.

Just like your hand, an excavator bucket needs a thumb to effectively pick up objects, without one, your only hope is to be able to scoop it up in the bucket.


Thumbs come in two varieties, fixed excavator thumbs and hydraulic excavator thumbs, each having its own benefits. Depending upon the size of your machine, there might be many different types of rigid and hydraulic thumbs available.

Rigid Thumbs

The B.R.U.T thumb stands for "Best Rigid Universal Thumb" and really lives up to its name. Available for a wide array of machines this thumb is one of the best selling thumbs in the country. The B.R.U.T thumb can be fitted on machines from 1,200 lbs. to 20,000 lbs. and easily folded to store on the boom when not needed.



The Hoeclamp is a genius thumb for an excavator, it uses all of your existing hydraulics with Amulet's patented kidney link to get the full potential out of your current hydraulics. The Hoeclamp is a full motion thumb and will fit most machines up to 30,000 lbs. When you are not using the Hoeclamp, it simply folds out of the way. Installation is a simple pin on design with a heat treated pin set.


Power Brute

The Power Brute is the most economical hydraulic thumb available that can be easily fitted to a huge number of machines. Once the weld on base plate is in place, the two-tined thumb is ready for action, without interfering in bucket changes, and not requiring much maintenance.


Power Clamp

The Amulet Power Clamp offers the highest performance of a hydraulic thumb by rotaing a whopping 140 degrees. A severe duty cylinder and full custom meshing tooth bar are the highlight of this beast of a thumb. Built on demand, each Power Clamp that leaves the factory is meant to help you get the most out of your machine.